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I really really do.


I really really do.

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Aloha Tigers illustration.

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For this, the third, two hour mixtape block (see first & second), I wanted to try and split the new and old selections more evenly - covering a larger time frame of great music, as well as start things off with a little more energy. Still, think of it as your favorite imaginary radio station offering up a 120 minute block (without interruptions) of great dream pop, shoegaze, post punk, and lo-fi - new and old. With a little hope you’ll find something new and old to be excited about while also finding a solid soundtrack for a late night drive, or come down, or whatever you need it for in those hours before sleep. Thanks for listening!

FEATURED MUSIC (click band name for more info)

(download) Dreaming in Waves // P|M|W Radio (MF)
(download) Dreaming in Waves // P|M|W Radio (Soundcloud)
(stream off site) Via Soundcloud

Please support the artists that you find and enjoy. Buy their music, merchandise and tickets to see their shows. Supporting them is the only purpose in doing this blog. Contrary to the opinions of some, music blogs are a great way to discover new music, but there will only be so much new music to go around if these artists can’t afford to support themselves through their art and commerce. Only use these mixtapes as a guide to find something to throw your (financial and emotional) support behind. 

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The Kind of Girl U Like — Aloha Tigers

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Aloha Tigers- “The Kind of Girl U Like”- off Aloha Tigers, re-released in Feb 2012


I found Aloha Tigers on a random blog through blog aggregator.  I check the “hot posts” out periodically to get a flavor of what’s out there.  Sometimes it is of utterly no interest, but occasionally you can find something unexpected.  Aloha Tigers are from from Bloomington, IL. Their self described brand of “Dream pop” reminds me of Beck’s Sea Change album.  The first track, “Grit Your Teeth” is the standout track to me on this album. I Immediately dug it.  Went to download the track, and said heck with it, gimme the whole album.  Everything I’ve heard is good- but hey, what the hell do I know anyway?  You can download it via the widget below and form your own opinion.

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